Batu Kasah Beach in South Bungutan Sub-District, Natuna Regency - Indonesia

Being one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia, Riau Archipelago Province offers stunning natural attractions to everyone, especially those who love nature. In this case, the best region to explore is Natuna Regency. It is the home of beautiful marine tourism like Batu Kasah Beach Indonesia. The location is in Central Cemaga Village and it belongs to South Bungutan Sub-District. The beach is famous for its pristine scenery and astonishing waves. The locals also call it Cemaga Beach and it has been recognized by foreigners too! You will know why it is popular among tourists once you get to the site.

The Nuance
The first noticeable feature of Batu Kasah Beach is the crystal clear blue water. It looks like the beaches located in Maldives, in fact. Near to the beach, many coconut trees and granites scatter beautifully. Such formation of granites, in fact, becomes a signature charm of the beach. What is more? The beach features white and soft-textured sand! When it comes to the length of the shoreline, it is about 10 – 15 meters. With all these features, it represents a perfect tropical beach, which is suitable to enjoy a honeymoon, family vacation, and relaxation.

Exploring Batu Kasah Beach
The best time to visit Batu Kasah Beach is during weekends and holidays, where many tourists are seen on the location. This way, the nuance becomes merrier to spend the vacation. When it is about the activities, each of you may have a different preference. Still, the most popular activities are family recreation, water sports, beach walking, photography, and climbing the granites. The waves are calm, so the sea is safe for swimming and snorkeling. On top of that, it comes with a good visibility!

Apart from water sports, you should approach the granites and witness their uniqueness. They come in various sizes and shapes, as well. Even though tourists are allowed to climb on those granites, everyone should watch their steps as those stones are slippery. Next, make sure to take some pictures of those granites and brag them to your families or friends later. As an alternative, you can simply enjoy the sound of the waves splashing on those granites.

Another thing to do in Batu Kasah Beach is relaxation. Thanks to the presence of coconut trees. You can sit under those shady trees and enjoy the comforting wind at noon. Make sure to carry some snacks and bottled water while relaxing at the shoreline. In the horizon, you can even see two nearby islands clearly! At noon, the atmosphere can be uncomfortable so it is better to wear a hat, sunglasses, or sunscreen. Don’t ever ruin the vacation due to such heat.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kemudi Island
  • Jantai Island

How to Get There 
The distance between Ranai City and South Bungutan Sub-District is approximately 55.8 km, so it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to the location. It can be faster if you ride a private vehicle and choose the right route, which is Sihotang Street.

Where to Stay

  • Natuna Hotel
  • Central Hotel
  • Caesar Hotel
  • Batu Hitam Hotel

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